Official! Ashton Kutcher to produce a new breed of Punk’d

We’ve brought you this news a million different ways over the course of the year, but never have we been able to solidly confirm it — until now. Punk’d is officially back on!

MTV played a good game of cat and mouse, letting us nibble on little deets about the return of Punk’d, but now it’s been confirmed.

According to new details via Entertainment Weekly, MTV has confirmed the revival of Punk’d with Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg as the executive producers.

Yes, that sadly means we probably won’t get to see the king of pranks mugging for the camera, but having him helm the ship can’t hurt, right?

That being said, what we can’t confirm at this moment, and believe us, we’re trying, is whether or not Justin Bieber as the host for the premiere is true.

Rumors began flying that Justin Bieber was indeed the first host to try out the new Punk’d and his first target was Taylor Swift, but MTV wouldn’t confirm the details then, and they still won’t.

Once MTV lets us know, we’ll let you know. Oh, wait we might have that answer sooner than you think.

Details and a preview of footage from the show are set to be revealed during MTV’s NYE in NYC 2012 broadcast on Dec. 31. Those details are said to include info on the host/hosts.

The new Punk’d is going to use a rotating host format. With so many interesting new stars out there, this ought to be a good show.

We have a wish list that includes, of course, Bieber, but also Bradley Cooper and Seth Rogen. Think Santa would put in a good word with Ashton Kutcher to make this happen?

Will you spend your New Year’s Eve waiting for more info on Punk’d? We’re sad to admit it, but we might.

We want to hear from you. Are you satisfied with knowing Ashton Kutcher will not likely be on camera as he was in the first go ’round of the show?

We know you have an opinion, so why not use it?

Are you ready to be Punk’d?

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