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Jon Bon Jovi dead: Real or rumor?


Jon Bon Jovi is alive and well. Rumors of his demise are false, says his rep.

Jon Bon Jovi

Jon Bon Jovi still has many faces to rock.

The Bon Jovi death rumor is “false,” according to a representative for his spokesperson, Sunshine Sachs. The news of his good health comes after an afternoon of rumors of his demise in Asbury Park, according to a bogus press release that went viral.

The false report stated that Bon Jovi was in the Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune, N.J., where hundreds of reporters were gathered awaiting word of his condition. The bad information was retweeted into the early evening.

Instead of the hospital, the reporters might want to look for him at the Hope Concert V, which takes place Monday night at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank. He’s expected to appear at the benefit show, which is organized by his sideman, Bobby Bandiera.

“Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey,” posted Bon Jovi on his Facebook page prior to the show.

The band Bon Jovi will also headline the Bamboozle music festival as it returns to Asbury Park on May 18 to 20. On the big screen, Jon Bon Jovi is in the ensemble comedy New Year’s Eve.

As for the virtual world, the hoax is prompting a slew of good-natured barbs.

“Bon Jovi death a Twitter hoax… but it makes little difference as he’s “a cowboy… wanted DEAD OR ALIVE,” posted one fan.

“Rumors about Jon Bon Jovi dying are FALSE! Although, it would be nice if he started to lose some of that luxurious hair!” posted a perhaps not-so-sympathetic fan.

If this gets to be a bit much for Bon Jovi, a bit of Advil can help the situation.

“Pain does not have much of a place in my life,” says Bon Jovi in a new spot for Advil. “I checked the schedule and it’s not on it. You never know when Advil is needed.”

That time might be now.

Photo credit: WENN

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