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War Horse stars lose it over dirty cat name

When SheKnows sat down with War Horse actors Jeremy Irvine and Emily Watson to talk about their favorite pet names, they both got a case of the massive giggles.

“Actually, she was a pretty horrible cat,” actress Emily Watson tells SheKnows when reminiscing about her first pet, whose name, shall we say, caused more than a few giggles at the press interview in New York preceding the premiere of the World War I drama directed by Steven Spielberg.

“My first cat’s name was Pugly,” Irvine says, trying to keep a straight face, as clearly pairing up with Watson, who plays his mother in the film, is too much to handle. War Horse is drama about a boy who is separated from his horse by war.

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Needless to say, working on such a serious film with such an esteemed director has taught them that if you can’t laugh, you can’t get through the day.

Spielberg is known for having an unusual directing style — he shouts commands during takes as the actors are performing. Not only did the actors have to warm up to this unique directing style, but they had to perform many of their scenes completely covered in mud.

“I feel sorry for the room service in those hotels,” Irvine says of the mess he left behind in the hotel after leaving the set every day drenched head-to-toe in mud.

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Despite all the hard work, the actors found working with one of the most famous directors of all times a rewarding experience.

War Horse debuts on Christmas Day (Dec. 25) and is one of two Spielberg movies to release this holiday season. The Adventures of Tintin, also helmed by the famous director, releases Dec. 21.

Find out what Emily Watson named her cat and more behind-the-scenes nuggets from the stars of War Horse as they talk Spielberg, special effects and buckets of mud.

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