War Horse hotties talk Steven Spielberg and steed racing

SheKnows caught up with the three studs who played WWI soldiers in Steven Spielberg’s new drama about a boy who is separated from his horse.

When Steven Spielberg asks you to cover yourself in mud, you do it.

Actors Tom Hiddleston, Toby Kebbell and Patrick Kennedy knew accepting a role in War Horse would be the opportunity of a lifetime. They just didn’t know how messy things were going to get. But when Steven asks you to do something, it’s tough to say, “No.”

Doused in freezing mud

In order to get from the set to the car at night after shooting, Kebbell said, “They literally had to hose me down.” That’s a lot of wet dirt.

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The gritty, strenuous World War I drama about a boy who is separated from his horse is one that Spielberg wanted to be as realistic as possible. And, these three actors got a taste for this famous director’s dedication as they confronted the realities of one of the most grueling wars of modern times.

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Not only did the actors have to deal with the real life conditions of being on a live action set (Spielberg rarely uses green screen to film special effects), they had to go to an equestrian boot camp. Needless to say, they managed to find out who was the manliest among them.

Hot men on stallions…? Yes, please.

“I’m the best rider!” Kebbell boasted as Hiddleston and Kennedy begged to differ. These three admitted there was more than a little competition off camera about who was the best. Much debate centered around just who among them was the most excellent at jumping. Oh, to see the behind-the-scenes footage.

Hiddleston, Kebbell and Kennedy as well as several other members of the cast trained with dozens of horses to perfect the art of riding before being thrust into the filmic war zone. They staged the reenactment of one of the deadliest wars of modern times.

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SheKnows sat down with the actors to hear some behind-the-scenes nuggets while visiting the cast of War Horse in New York on a press tour preceding the film’s Dec. 25 release.