Jimmy Fallon, Michael Buble bring holiday cheer to SNL

Did you grab some eggnog, start a fire and watch Jimmy Fallon slay the holiday episode of Saturday Night Live? We did! Oh, Michael Buble wasn’t half bad either.

Jimmy Fallon now wears suits and hosts a late-night talk show, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still get down with the best of sketch comedy like he did during his days on Saturday Night Live.

During this week’s episode of SNL, Jimmy Fallon proved he can still don messy hair, sloppily kiss Rachel Dratch and go to toe-to-toe with Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler in a “Weekend Update” joke-off.

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The only thing missing from Fallon’s perfect Saturday Night Live hosting gig was Justin Timberlake and “The Barry Gibb Talk Show.” We can forgive that, however, considering how he opened the show as our old friend Sully.

Jimmy Fallon’s old friend Rachel Dratch was right by his side as Denise.

Take a look and see what Sully and Denise have been up to. You may want to grab your bag of Franzia wine for this one…

The show was filled with some of the most entertaining sketches we’ve seen in a while, including a Today Show holiday mocking and a “Weekend Update” joke-off between teammates Jimmy Fallon and Tina Fey and Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler.

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One of the best surprises of the night had to be Chris Kattan, Tracy Morgan and Horatio Sanz returning to the stage with Fallon to bring back their performance of “I Wish It Was Christmas Today.”

You know, the one where they all dress up in ridiculous scarves and Sanz leads the group in the song, while the rest awkwardly move to the beat.

Just watch, you won’t be disappointed…

These were just some of the highlights from the show!

We didn’t even get to Michael Buble yet. The crooner showed up to Saturday Night Live ready to take on a few very special duets.

Check out Michael Buble like you’ve never seen him before…

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