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Teen books that sizzle for all ages

Kristi Diehm

Ring in the New Year with these five teen novels hand-picked by The Story Siren that readers of all ages will enjoy.

The Future of Usthe future of us
by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

If you had the chance to change your future, would you? Josh and Emma face this very question in The Future of Us. Flash back to the year 1996. Emma thinks she is installing a new AOL disc, only to have her computer open to her Facebook page… 15 years in the future! Unsure what exactly Facebook is, Emma enlists her friend Josh to solve the mystery. They discover that Josh has a Facebook page too. Josh couldn’t be happier when he realizes he is married to the most popular girl in school, but Emma’s future doesn’t look as bright.

Why it’s rockin’: The nostalgia that this story creates is as addicting as the story itself.


Every Other DayEvery other day
by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Kali is human… every other day. Some days she’s not exactly sure what she is. All she knows is on those non-human days, she has this insatiable drive to find and kill any and all things supernatural. Zombies, hellhounds and dragons. You name it, Kali takes it down.

Kali knows how to kill and she knows what to anticipate. What Kali doesn’t expect is to be a host to one of those supernatural creatures. When Kali sees the mark of death on a fellow classmate, she knows she has to act fast. Now she just has to survive the next 24 hours as a human while she’s the one marked for death.

Why it’s rockin’: Fast-paced fun and a kick-butt heroine!


The Statistical Probability of Love at First SightThe statistical probability of love at first sight
by Jennifer E. Smith

All it takes is four minutes. Perhaps it was that extra glance in the mirror. Maybe it was that red light the cab didn’t speed through. Regardless, in those four minutes, Hadley misses her plane to London — the plane ride that is taking her to her father’s wedding, a wedding she doesn’t even want to attend, and to a stepmother she’s never even met. The thought of going to London is unbearable until Hadley meets Oliver.

Those four measly minutes completely change the next 24 hours for Hadley, and just maybe the rest of her life.

Why it’s rockin’: One of the best love stories ever, and it’s told in the span of only 24 hours!


Love and Leftovers Love and Leftovers
by Sarah Tregay

Marcie’s summer vacation with her mother turns into a seven month stay when her father finds a boyfriend and leaves her mother. Marcie is devastated to be leaving behind her boyfriend, best friend and her lunch table of “leftover friends.”

Marcie now finds herself taking on the role of the parent as her mother struggles to find what went wrong with her marriage. Marcie’s feelings of isolation and loneliness kindle a relationship with a new boy at school. When Marcie starts having feelings for J.D., she struggles with the definition of love. How is she supposed to believe in something that never seems to last?

Why it’s rockin’: Tregay has raided the diary of a teenage girl — Marcie’s diary, more specifically! For a novel told in verse, readers will be stunned by how very few words invoke such strong emotions.


Shatter Me Shatter Me
by Tahereh Mafi

Juliette’s touch kills. It’s why she hasn’t touched anyone in 264 days. It’s why, at the age of 14, she is locked away in an asylum, charged with murder.

The Reestablishment has taken control of everything that Juliette ever knew, and now they are hoping to control her. She would be the ultimate weapon, and all it would take is one touch. The Reestablishment is not alone — there are others who want to use Juliette to harness her powers for their use.

Juliette has her own plans. She wants to be free, but her freedom may come with a cost. Juliette must decide between being a weapon or a warrior.

Why it’s rockin’: This novel has been described as a mix of The Hunger Games and X-Men. It’s sure to please every reader!


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