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Liz Lemon returns: 30 Rock’s season six preview

The Jan. 12 return of 30 Rock is sure to cure our winter blues. Keep reading to see a preview of season six, which offers an energized Liz Lemon dating a hot guy played by James Marsden!

Raise your hand if you’ve missed Liz Lemon.

Okay, you can put your hand down now because we’re about to show you a super-sized preview of 30 Rock‘s new season that you don’t want to miss.

If you’ve been wondering what your favorite characters of 30 Rock have been up to since they went missing from your TV, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

New episodes are upon us and the gang has been busy!

NBC decided to play nice and not make us wait until Jan. 12 to find out what we can expect when season six kicks off.

Liz Lemon has some pep in her step and James Marsden happens to be stopping by as her new beau.

No, we’re not kidding — we have proof.

Check out NBC’s new preview for 30 Rock and prepare yourself for the Jan. 12 premiere of season six.

Does Liz Lemon’s new “relaxed” attitude mean James Marsden will be sticking around or will Lemon’s jaw clench back up, sending her right back to picking awful men? We’ll have to wait and see.

One storyline we can’t wait to see that will no doubt lead to “inappropriate” behavior as Alec Baldwin states, is what happens when Avery falls into the clutches of Kim Jong-II (Margaret Cho).

Did we seriously type the above sentence? This is 30 Rock, so yes, we definitely did.

Tina Fey and Alec Baldwin were both recently nominated for a Golden Globe: Fey for best actress and Baldwin for best actor.

Check out who else was nominated for a Golden Globe >>

A new season, nominations and James Marsden? Even though we know the answer, we have to ask — can it get any better for this show?

Will you watch the new season of 30 Rock?

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