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Christmas with Denise Richards includes Santa & Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards is gearing up for her first Christmas with three daughters in the house! Here comes Santa Claus — and Charlie Sheen.

Denise Richards

Denise Richards is sharing her holiday plans with the world on her new site, There’s much to celebrate for the actress, who will unwrap presents on the big day with her three daughters and ex-husband Charlie Sheen.

“The kids and I track Santa online to see where he is and when he will be at our house,” the actress said, adding that her girls still believe in the jolly old fellow. “They’ve heard otherwise, but I’ve reassured them he exists. We set out cookies and milk and carrots for the reindeer.”

Santa isn’t the only person paying a visit to the home that “looks like Candy Land at Christmas.”

“I do see Charlie over the holidays,” she explained. “He’s my family.” Though they divorced in 2006, the pair share parenting duties of daughters Sam and Lola. “I think it’s best to stay friendly whether it’s the holidays or not,” she added. “Keep it about the kids and keep the peace.”

Denise Richards went on to say, “[We spend] Christmas morning opening presents with the kids. Then Christmas dinner at our house — this year it will be all of us. Many of my friends can’t get home, they come for dinner as well.”

Speaking of adopted daughter Eloise Joni, named after the 40-year-old’s late mother Joni, Denise gushed, “I can’t wait for her first picture with Santa!” The family also honors the girls’ grandmother by baking. Denise explained, “I make the chocolate no-bake cookies my mom always made.”

Beyond Christmas it’s all about getting in tip-top shape! Though not making an official New Year’s resolution Denise Richards said, “If I did, it would be to be consistent with my fitness routine. I really dropped that ball this year. No more excuses!”

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