Top 10 most extravagant celebrity holiday gifts

What holiday gifts can Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Victoria Beckham expect? Hint: Most don’t fit under the Christmas tree! Check out the top 10 most extravagant celebrity holiday gifts.

Wondering how much the uber-rich spend on holiday gifts? Celebrities spare no expense when shopping for Christmas gifts. Check out these over-the-top and outrageous celebrity holiday gifts. Cha-ching!

Paris Hilton pink Bentley

1. Mariah Carey — Rolls Royce Phantom

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey aren’t exactly known for being frugal. Cannon gifted wife Mariah, who recently gave birth to twins Roc and Roe, with a $400,000 Rolls Royce Phantom, complete with a cheesy personalized license plate that reads “mommyMC.”

2. Mike Tyson — $2 million bathtub

Mike Tyson bought his ex-wife Robin Givens a $2 million bathtub for the holidays one year — and it suddenly makes sense how he could have landed himself $38 million in debt.

3. Paris Hilton — Pink Bentley

Paris Hilton bought herself an extravagant Christmas gift by splurging on a $285,000 pink Bentley Continental GT with a diamond-encrusted dashboard.

4. Victoria Beckham — Hermes bag

David Beckham bought Victoria Beckham a posh purse for Christmas. He spent $129,000 on a Hermes Himalayan Birkin bag. This sounds like the perfect gift to pass on to baby Harper Seven.

5. Oprah — Mediterranean cruise

Oprah is famous for her gift giving, so it should come as no surprise that she gave her staff of over 100 employees a 10-day luxury Mediterranean cruise, costing her $750,000.

6. Jay Z — $350,000 worth of bags

He’s got 99 problems, but a padded bank account ain’t one! Jay Z bought his wife Beyonce $350,000 worth of Birkin bags from Hermes.

7. Beyonce — $2 million car

If you can believe it, Beyonce went even more extravagant as she gifted Jay Z with a $2 million Bugatti Grand Sport car last December.

8. Suri Cruise — Pony, diamond earrings

Suri Cruise, the pampered daughter of Scientologists Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, will reportedly get $130,000 worth of holiday gifts, including a pony, diamond earrings and designer dresses.

9. Jude Law — Baby Grand Piano

Jude Law gifted his girlfriend Sienna Miller with a restored baby grand piano that contained a diamond and sapphire ring in a box inside, worth $200,000.

10. Ben Affleck — 7-carat diamond ring

Ben Affleck gave wife Jennifer Garner a 7-carat diamond ring for “being a good mom.” Say it with me, awww…..

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