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Is Barbara Walters retiring?

Is Barbara Walters retiring? One source says so. Find out what happened — and how Walters’ rep is responding to the rumors.

Barbara Walters

Barbara Walters is an icon of journalism — but she would be the first to admit that she’s also no spring chicken. Is she getting ready to retire?

A source working with Walters during the taping of an interview with President Obama today claims she is wrapping it up next year. According to the insider, Walters tried to cajole the prez into promising another interview soon.

“I need one more interview with you because I’m retiring next year,” the source overheard her say, noting that Walters was trying to be quiet but forgot her microphone was still hot.

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So how accurate is this rumor? Jeff Schneider, the Senior Vice President of ABC News, told TMZ he had a chat with Walters about the rumor and she laughed it off.

“Barbara has joked that she is retiring every year since the Clinton Administration,” he said. “Anyone who just did a day trip to Syria, a 90-minute prime time special and an interview with the President and First Lady hardly sounds like someone retiring from anything.”

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Was it all just a ploy to pressure President Obama into giving another interview? “She’s one of the greatest bookers who ever lived,” Schneider laughed.

Barbara Walters is a busy lady today. Her Most Fascinating People special aired last night and she is the talk of the Internet today for getting Kim Kardashian to admit that no one in her family has any talent.

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