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Russell Brand to stay up late with FX

Russell Brand really can do it all. The actor and funny man is teaming up with FX for a new unscripted series that might bring a whole new meaning to staying up late.

Spring into late-night with FX and Russell Brand beginning this, well, spring.

The new duo is taking over late-night in a new series that is bound to be as wacky as the man himself.

Picture it: Russell Brand entertaining a studio audience with his fresh take on everything from politics to pop culture.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, that’s exactly how FX and Russell Brand plan on formatting the new series that will consist of six episodes, with each being a half-hour.

FX executive vice president of original programming, Nick Gradsaid of the show that will feature interactive portions, “We’re very excited to add Russell Brand’s bracingly funny, original and honest voice to the FX comedy lineup.”

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Grad added, “We look forward to supporting Russell and his partner Troy Miller’s ambition to strip down the hosted comedy format to its most fundamental elements and to create something daring and unfiltered for the FX audience.”

Daring and Russell Brand is a very dangerous combination, so it’s a good thing this show is going to be on FX.

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Russell Brand also spoke about the new partnership, saying, “I am so excited I’m on the point of climax, in fact I will put the ‘O’ into FX, which spells Fox, which is actually the channel’s real name. That’s the only thing that worries me about all this to be honest.”

Brand added, “At least I’ll be able to have a Christmas drink with Bill O’Reilly.”

Spring can’t get here fast enough!

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Will you check out Russell Brand’s late-night show?

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