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5 Christmas gifts someone should give Kate Middleton

What do you give the girl who has everything? Kate Middleton landed her prince and now lives a life of royal luxury — but she still needs Christmas presents. Here are our real girl suggestions.

5 Christmas gifts for Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton Catherine Duchess of CambridgeBrown eyeliner

The heavy black-rimmed eyes get to be a little much on Kate Middleton sometimes. Full black eyeliner is great for evening, but daytime calls for a softer look. Brown would be lovely — still dramatic, but not nearly as harsh. Let’s go for the top lids only, Kate.

Colored tights

We’ve seen Kate in nothing but sheer nude pantyhose and black tights since forever. She could amp up her style quotient while still looking perfectly princess-like in tights in a peacock blue, forest green or royal purple hue.

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A huge bottle of Scotch

She’s going to need it to get through her first Christmas with the Queen at Sandringham. There are five required wardrobe changes per day — everything from a church dress to formal evening wear — as well as shooting parties and a “novelty” gift exchange.

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Body pillow

With Prince William off saving lives — not to mention his upcoming military tour to the Falkland Islands — Kate has quite a few lonely nights ahead of her. A body pillow is much more snuggly — and quieter — than one of the Queen’s corgis.

Subscription to the Cake of the Month Club

While we appreciate Kate’s dedication to keeping a slender physique, a little cushion on the hips wouldn’t kill the girl. Gotta bulk up to bear those royal babies, right? A cake a month oughta do the trick.

Image courtesy Anwar Hussein/WENN

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