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President Barack Obama’s favorite TV shows are…

The HBO Prohibition-era hit Boardwalk Empire and Showtime’s psychological thriller Homeland are staples on the First Family’s DVR.

Ever wonder what the president plops down on the sofa to watch after a long day of leading the free world?

A made-for-cable drama is a pretty safe bet.

Must-see TV for President Barack Obama includes dramas like HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Showtime’s Homeland.

In their only print interview of the holiday season, President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama open up to People magazine about family life at the White House.

When it comes to what’s hot on the tube, the ladies of the house — which includes First Daughters Malia, 13, and Sasha, 10 — are card-carrying Modern Family fanatics.

“For the girls and me, Modern Family, that’s our favorite show,” Mrs. O says of the award-winning ABC comedy about three related Los Angeles-area families.

The President, on the other hand, is more of a Boardwalk Empire, Homeland kinda guy.

“I’m a little darker,” he explains.

Boardwalk Empire, a drama depicting Prohibition-era Atlantic City, is such a small screen phenomenon it inspired the owners of the Resorts Hotel and Casino, the city’s first legal gambling spot, to remodel the entire establishment in a tribute to the popular show.

Homeland is a psychological thriller about a CIA officer trying to unravel a suspected terrorist plot.

We can think of one popular TV program that isn’t likely to get much air time at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Barack Obama hates Keeping Up with the Kardashians >>

In August, the First Lady revealed that President Obama does not exactly approve of his daughters watching the smash E! docu-soap Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Sasha and Malia had grown fond of tuning in for the latest antics from the Klan from Calabasas before Dad put the kibosh on the weekend ritual.

Michelle said, “Barack really thinks — when they watch that stuff [Keeping Up With The Kardashians] — he doesn’t like that as much… I’m more concerned with how they take it in. ‘What did you learn when you watched that?’ If they’re learning the right lessons, like, ‘That was crazy,’ then I’m like, ‘Okay.'”

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