Kate Middleton and Prince William are on the move again

Members of the royal family will spread out over the globe in 2012 to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee. Kate and William’s itinerary includes Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and tiny Tuvalu.

Kate Middleton

Call Kate Middletown and Prince William the road warriors.

They’re taking the show on the road in 2012 to mark Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee on the throne.

That’s 60 years.

To mark the occasion, royal family members are being dispatched to points across the globe that are part of the Realm and Commonwealth of the United Kingdom, according to the royal family’s website. Kate and William’s itinerary includes stops in Malaysia, Singapore, the Solomon Islands and tiny Tuvalu, an archipelago north of Fiji.

Tuvalu seems like a nice destination for the newlyweds. The nation of 10,400 has been called Paradise in Polynesia.

The residents of Tuvalu are “very excited” that such “a small and faraway state” has been chosen as part of the itinerary, said Iftikhar Ayaz, the country’s consul to the United Kingdom, to the Daily Mail. He added that William and Kate would receive a welcome they would not forget.

Well, if the young royals could impress Madonna, we’re sure the folks of Tuvalu will be more than charmed.

Where’s Prince Harry headed to? Look out Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas, he’s headed your way. Prince Charles and Camilla will tour Canada, Papua New Guinea, Australia and New Zealand.

As for the Queen, 85, and hubby Prince Philip, 90, they’ll be sticking close to home, covering England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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