Simon Cowell: Rachel Crow’s X Factor elimination “ridiculous

Simon Cowell says he can’t believe Rachel Crow was voted off of The X Factor — and that obviously his judges can’t follow simple instructions.

Simon CowellYou’re not the only one who was shocked by Rachel Crow’s unbelievable elimination on The X Factor last week. Simon Cowell is still stunned by the outcome, and says obviously his judges can’t follow directions.

“It was a just a cock-up,” Cowell told The L.A. Times’ Show Tracker in a phone interview. “I don’t think they did what they should have done, which is exactly what they were told to do: Vote on who sang the best in the sing-off. And then we got to that ridiculous place where they went to the deadlock.”

That would be the fault of Nicole Scherzinger, who chickened out on who to vote for. She has since received death threats. But is it really Scherzinger’s fault? Or is The X Factor elimination process in need of some tweaking? Cowell says obviously the judges are just thick and can’t understand simple instructions.

“The whole idea was to try and prevent what I call the ‘Jennifer Hudson Moment’ — where a really good singer screws up on one night,” he said. “On this show you’re supposed to give them a reprieve if they do better the following night… I do stand by what I think is right for the format. Maybe I just need to explain it a bit clearer to everyone.”

As for Scherzinger, there’s no use getting critical. “She gets very defensive,” Cowell said.

See what happens when the final four square off on The X Factor tonight at 8/7 Central on Fox.

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