Derek Jeter gives autographs to his one-night stands

Dec 14, 2011 at 4:13 p.m. ET

Derek Jeter's flings get parting gifts after they get down with the New York Yankees shortstop, according to the New York Post.

Derek Jeter gives autographs to his one-night stands

Imagine this scenario: You meet New York Yankees star Derek Jeter at a bar. One thing leads to another and you head back to his swank NYC apartment for the night. The next day, he calls you a private car and hands you a gift bag as you head out the door. Inside the gift bag? An autographed baseball and other Jeter swag.

Sounds like a horrible movie, right? Well, it actually happens, according to a report by the New York Post.

"Derek has girls stay with him at his apartment in New York, and then he gets them a car to take them home the next day. Waiting in his car is a gift basket containing signed Jeter memorabilia, usually a signed baseball," a Jeter 'friend' told the Post.

He even did it to the same girl twice, according to the source.

"This summer, he ended up hooking up with a girl who he had hooked up with once before, but Jeter seemed to have forgotten about the first time and gave her the same identical parting gift, a gift basket with a signed Derek Jeter baseball," the pal added to the paper.

"He basically gave her the same gift twice because he'd forgotten hooking up with her the first time!"


Apparently he's been up to quite a bit since breaking up with his longtime girlfriend, Minka Kelly. The couple was rumored to have reconciled earlier this fall, but we're assuming that's not happening now.

"He normally doesn't go out with girls. He will have them come to his house. He'll have cocktail parties. His friends invite girls they think he'll be interested in. He's very shy," another friend said.

"He'll occasionally take girls to a restaurant. He has a couple of restaurants that he goes to that aren't trendy," the friend said. "He goes to Nino's in New York. He used to go to Mustang Grill on the Upper East Side. I know he's been dating multiple girls. He likes a hole in the wall, or he likes a place that his friends own. He's very cautious. He'll only go out on off-nights."

Then it's back to the Casa de Jeter for some private time.

"The girls go through the back-door entrance in the Trump World Tower to avoid the paparazzi," the friend told the Post. "He broke up with Minka in the summer and is definitely over her. He is playing the field."

We've contacted Jeter's reps to get more on this ridiculous story.

Apparently, the jilted girls can drown their sorrows in piles of cash — legit Jeter memorabilia can bring thousands from sports collectors.

Still, ew.

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Would you take a gift bag to spend some quality time with Derek Jeter?