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Glee recap: All they want for Christmas…

The kids of McKinley were responsible for spreading double the cheer this year, but did it go as planned? Keep reading for the details.

Christmas is about giving and goodwill, but when the kids of Glee became double-booked, they had to decide if giving was more important than fame.

On the Christmas episode of Glee, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas,” Sue Sylvester did something she rarely does. She called on the kids of the New Directions to help out at the Lima homeless shelter.

Nope, no joke. It was Sue’s first Christmas since her sister died and she needed the distraction.

After getting Artie, Kurt and Blaine to agree, a problem arose.

Mr. Schue announced that the Lima PBS station offered the kids their own Christmas special but it was at the same time as the shelter event.

Divided on what to do, some wanting to have their faces on TV and others wanting to give back (mostly Sam), the episode focused on Artie directing the PBS special.

The PBS portion of the episode had a ton of beautiful elements to it, with it being shot in black and white like an old-time movie.

Have no fear, however. This was Glee and there was no way the kids would stay selfish for long.

At the last minute, the gang invaded the shelter with a turkey and good cheer to sing the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas?”

Check out a clip if you missed it…

The best part of that song is that the proceeds made from it will go to The Band Aid Trust in real life.

Now that’s a special way to give back.

Did you catch Glee‘s Christmas episode, “Extraordinary Merry Christmas?”

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