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Mommy time: Escape with these good books


Being a mom can be tough. Between carpools, play dates and the (endless!) laundry, it almost takes a miracle to get some quality reading time. So when you do, the book you choose better be worth it! Well, don’t fret — here are the top five books that moms everywhere will devour.

If it was easy, they'd call the whole damn thing a honeymoon


If It Was Easy, They’d Call the

Whole Damn Thing a Honeymoon


by Jenna McCarthy

Had a long day? Then put the kids to bed and curl up with this laugh out loud book of essays about love and marriage. Jenna explores everything from male domestic idiocy and the frustrating misfires in spousal communication to how to stay true to the peskiest of vows: forsaking all others… We loved it and think moms can relate — and need a good laugh.

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Heart of the Matter


Heart of the Matter


by Emily Giffin

Emily Giffin has engaged readers since her debut, Something Borrowed (which became a fantastic flick in 2010). Her readers, who loved the tale of Darcy and Rachel, are now grown up and have kids of their own  — and so Giffin’s writing has also matured.

Heart of the Matter is Giffin’s best book to date about Tess and Valerie, two very different mothers in an upscale Boston suburb whose lives converge after a terrible accident one night. An engaging tale that explores love and marriage, you’ll be turning the pages as fast as you can to discover what’s really at the heart of the matter.

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Skipping a Beat


Skipping a Beat


by Sarah Pekkanen

When Michael decides to rewrite the rules of their relationship after a near-death experience, his wife Julia struggles with his decision to sell everything from their extravagant lifestyle in Washington, D.C. Struggling in her marriage long before this, Julia must decide whether to leave or to give her husband the second chance he is begging for. The couple decide to give each other and their marriage three weeks before deciding what to do next. Filled with thought-provoking questions, Skipping A Beat will have even the emotionally challenged shedding a tear in the last chapters.

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Take it like a mom


Take it Like a Mom


by Stephanie Stiles

When Annie decided to leave her job as a lawyer and become a stay-at-home mom, little did she know what she was in for. Now with a 3-year-old and another on the way, wrangling with mama drama and her husband’s job loss, she’s got to learn to toughen up and take it like a mom. Sassy and hilarious, this is a must-read for any mom who has ever had her own playground nemesis!

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The Baby Planner


The Baby Planner


by Josie Brown

Katie Johnson may make her living consulting new moms on everything from the latest baby gadgets to the best mommy playgroups, but what she really wants is a baby of her own. The only problem? Her husband is adamant that they stay childless. But when she meets a newly widowed client and helps him maneuver single fatherhood, her own thoughts on love, marriage and motherhood are put to the test.

Fun with a bittersweet twist, The Baby Planner will have you putting the kids to bed early so you can put your feet up and dive into this delicious read.

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