Hot eBook of the week: January 2, 2012

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Love in a nutshell

Love in a Nutshell,
by Janet Evanovich and Dorien Kelly

Bestselling author Janet Evanovich is back with Love in a Nutshell, her collaboration with Dorien Kelly. Kate Appleton, the main character of this romantic suspense novel, has lost her husband (he left her) and her job (she was fired). Kate is desperate to earn enough money to open a bed and breakfast in her parents’ summer home in Michigan. Short for leads, Kate agrees to work for Matt Culhane, a brewery owner. Her job is to gain the trust of his employees to find out who has been sabotaging his company. The only problem? She would rather spend time gaining the trust — and love — of her boss.

A lighthearted and fun read, Love in a Nutshell is the perfect book to unwind with after the stress of the holidays.

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