Gwyneth Paltrow is now on your iPhone

Gwyneth Paltrow is letting us in on her NYC recommendations in her goop City Guide iPhone app. Find out if it’s worth downloading.

Gwyneth Paltrow releases iPhone app

Most days we wake up and wonder: “How does Gwyneth Paltrow spend her days in New York City?”

Our prayers have finally been answered: Paltrow‘s email newsletter, goop, now has its very own iPhone app.

“I have always dreamed of finding a city guide that would be just right for me, like a trusted friend whose opinion you knew you could count on,” Paltrow wrote in this month’s goop.

“After years of being steered in the wrong direction by bribed concierges, biased opinions and just plain bad suggestions, I decided to create what I had been missing: The goop City Guide! We begin with New York City and you can expect many more over the coming months. This app will be your resource for the tried and tested of the best and coolest of Manhattan (and Brooklyn, and a bit of Queens, the Bronx and New Jersey).”

Paltrow then goes on to detail the making of the iPhone app, including the hours and hours of filming and scouting it took to create it.

“Julie Drazen, our video editor, took about 40 hours of video and pared it down into two short films,” the Country Strong actress wrote. “We found Bernadette Pascua, an amazing illustrator, who made our app look beautiful.”

How did they decide the locations to recommend?

“Having grown up mostly in New York City and having lived there on and off my whole life, over the years I’ve carefully gathered a list of all my most favorite spots and services,” she said. “We put all of it, over 220 tried and tested listings that made the cut, in this app: restaurants, specialty shops, book stores, beauty parlors, doctors, health practitioners and more. It’s ultra-useful for both those who live in the city and those who want to visit.”

Of course, Paltrow’s recommendations include the best-of-the-best that NYC has to offer, including shopping at Bergdorf Goodman and hotel stays in the Eloise Suites at the Plaza Hotel.

“If the $995 a night price tag is a bit steep, the Eloise store has a dress up section,” Paltrow writes in the app, according to writer Matt Cherette.

She also gives recommendations on books, “St. Marks Bookshop is in NYU territory and so it’s no surprise it stocks a bevy of scholarly titles in Cultural Theory.”

Um… we guess the target market for this app is people in her insanely-high income bracket.

We’ll give Paltrow one thing: Her review of the High Line on Manhattan’s West Side is spot-on. “A wonderful place to go for a walk and take a short break from the city,” she says of the park.

Interested in getting goop recommendations? It’ll cost you $3.99 on iTunes. Yes, seriously.

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Will you get the goop iPhone app?

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