Disgusting stunts earn Fear Factor solid ratings

Fear Factor returned Monday night, proving gross and disgusting can win ratings with the best of them.

It’s been six years since Joe Rogan teased and taunted the contestants of Fear Factor with disgusting stunts that involved tarantulas and rats. He returned as host Monday night, to show a sleeping dragon can be woken to nab solid ratings.

Were you hoping to see contestants dive for cow hearts in a blood-filled tank on the premiere of the new Fear Factor? Come on, this is Fear Factor, of course you did and they delivered just that.

Contestants had to dive into a tank filled with cow blood, grab cow hearts and pass them to their partner’s mouth!

Yuck! But that’s the name of the game.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Fear Factor, which ran as two separate hours, debuted to strong ratings, matching NBC’s best “non-sports number in the 8:00 p.m. spot since February of 2008.”

Not a bad start for a show that gives fans goose bumps.

The challenges are only going to get messier and creepier. To bring the show out of retirement, Executive Producer Matt Kunitz knew what had to be done. “In the past we would have covered someone with 100,000 bees. Now we’ll cover one of them in 200,000 bees.”

Kunitz added, “Their partner, in order to get the bees off of them, has to eat 20 live bees, then retrieve an ax to cut his partner down,” he said.

Host Joe Rogan also offered his own take on the new Fear Factor to AOL recently: “It is bigger and crazier than it ever was before, so if people enjoyed the old show, this one’s gonna be nuts. It’s truly over the top.”

That, our loyal viewers and readers, is what you have to look forward to.

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