Scarlett Johansson won't stop talking about nude photos

Dec 13, 2011 at 4:03 p.m. ET

Scarlett Johansson still has a good attitude about her leaked nude photos, but admits that the whole thing was really creepy.

Scarlett Johansson talks about nude photos, again

Scarlett Johansson looks incredibly good naked… and she won't let us forget it! The We Bought a Zoo star stopped by the Late Show With David Letterman to promote the film and discuss all things nudity.

"Somebody stole my nudie photos. They were out there for all the world to see which was, uh, unfortunate, really," she joked to Letterman. Naturally, the late night host was really sympathetic to her plight.

"[The photos are] a lovely thing for mankind," he joked to Johansson.

All kidding aside, the actress said it was scary that someone was constantly trying to get access to the most personal parts of her public life.

"It meant the guy was there constantly, every 20 seconds, sitting there all pasty and sweaty and pervy and weird. And that's the creepiest thing, really," she said, adding that she's "lame" with technology.

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Of course, the actress also talked about her marriage to the recipient of her nude photos, Ryan Reynolds, during another Monday appearance on NBC's Today Show. Johansson said she threw herself into work when the marriage ended.

"There's a community on film sets and in this industry," she revealed. "It would seem kind of cut-throat, but for me, I've been in the industry for 20 years and it has that familial kind of feel."

"When I'm working, I can't focus on anything but the job at hand, and I think that's some kind of therapy."

We love her sense of humor, but we wanted her to answer our most burning question: What does she really think of Reynolds' hot-and-heavy relationship with Blake Lively?

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