Man Candy Mondays: Jude Law

Dec 19, 2011 at 11:00 a.m. ET

It's no mystery why we melt for this mischievous Brit: Jude Law is equal parts bad boy, ethereal hottie and talented actor (especially when he's playing a villain). And when we see Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, which was just released in theaters, pardon us as we elbow our way to the front of the theater so we can spend some time up close and personal with our favorite leading man.

Man Candy Monday: Jude Law

Jude Law

Jude Law

Born: Dec. 29, 1972

Hometown: London, England

Height: 5' 11"

Why we love him

Jude Law is so darn sexy, he can really do no wrong. Thus the draw of the bad boy. Elementary, our dear Watson!

Jude Law -- Good looks

Where do we start with Jude Law's looks? Ummmm...

Let's just say if we ever ordered a gigolo, we hope he'd look like Jude Law. As a human-like robot prostitute in the 2001 futuristic Steven Spielberg/Stanley Kubrick film A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Jude was hot stuff, even as a "mecha." People magazine was totally on board with our way of thinking, as they named him 2004's Sexiest Man Alive.

And as far as our legal fantasies go, when lucky Cameron Diaz happened to meet Jude — playing Kate Winslet's brother — after swapping houses with Kate in 2006's The Holiday, we couldn't help but put ourselves in her shoes. We'll take one plane ticket to London, please! (Fingers crossed.)

What does Jude think about being such a heartthrob? Eh, he'd rather be respected for his craft:

"I just want to be seen doing my work and I'm just a bit tired of being talked about for what I'm wearing, or what I'm not wearing, or what my hairline is doing, or who I've been seen with," he told The Guardian this year. "Any of that. Jesus. I don't want any of this. I don't even want to talk about my acting, because I think the acting should just talk for itself."

Can we respect him for both? We think yes!

Jude Law with beard

His charm is almost criminal

Okay, true, he did cheat on girlfriend Sienna Miller with the nanny, but his face and his smooth-and-sexy demeanor almost make us forget about this past mistake. And whenever we see Jude playing Dr. Watson opposite Robert Downey Jr. in the Sherlock Holmes movies, these are two bad boys we'd like to... forgive.

"To be honest the one thing I was scared about coming into this second movie was would we be able to pick it up again? Was it something that just happened?" Law told "From the get go, from our rehearsals over at Robert Downey Jr.'s house, prior to filming, we really slipped straight back into. If anything, because we didn't have to get to know each other, this one I hope has benefited from the fact that we were working that process from before shooting, rather than discovering it as we went along."

Mmmmm... we would have loved to be at those rehearsals.

Sienna Miller and Jude Law

His on-again, off-again romances are dramas in themselves

He's with Sienna, and then he's not with Sienna; he's cheating on Sienna, and then he's engaged to Sienna. When will the soap opera end? Part of us hopes never because it's one heck of a show. And the action doesn't just apply to Sienna: Before the nanny kerfuffle, after he got divorced from wife Sadie Frost, her good friend Kate Moss revoked Jude's status of godfather to her daughter Lila. Oof — that's cold!

From Sienna's perspective, however, there are no hard feelings (and that's a good sign that makes us like Jude even more!):

"We weren't [re-engaged]," she told The Guardian after her most recent breakup with Law, in early 2011. "And I think this happens in everyone's lives: You get back together, you try and make it work, and it doesn't. It's not acrimonious, it had run its course."

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Jude Law's relationship status:

Jude's romantic past is the stuff soap operas are made of. He's divorced from ex-wife Sadie Frost, with whom he has three children. He cheated on girlfriend Sienna Miller with their nanny, but got back together with her in 2006 and then, later, in late 2009. But in between it all, he impregnanted model Samantha Burke, whom he met outside a nightclub while filming Sherlock Holmes in 2009. His new romance with Sienna ended in February 2011. Now that's some dirt! Despite it all, we'd be willing to bet that any red-blooded woman among us would have a pretty tough time turning down a naughty shag with Jude. We'll raise our hands first!

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