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Amy Winehouse biopic: Dad says, No, No, No

Amy at the box office? Not if her dad has his way! Rumors of an Amy Winehouse movie have been shot down by the famed singer’s father.

Music aficionados waiting for Amy Winehouse’s famed beehive to make its way to the big screen shouldn’t hold their breath.

According to the late songstress’ bereaved dad Mitch Winehouse, a biopic based on the life of the Frank hitmaker just “ain’t happenin’.”


“It would hardly be a biopic without the music and we’d never allow the songs to be released,” Mitch, who owns the rights to all of Amy’s music, told Britain’s Daily Mail Tuesday.

Oy! That’ll likely be crushing news for television suits — who we hear are eager to get the jump on a TV biopic about Winehouse’s tragic life story.

The singer’s sultry vocal talents were often overshadowed by her addiction to drugs and alcohol. Winehouse, 27, was found dead in her North London home on July 23.

Toxicology tests released in October determined the singer died of acute alcohol poisoning.

Last month, reports surfaced that small screen producers were considering actresses to portray Winehouse in the made-for-TV flick and had already begun the hunt for investors.

“The feeling is there wouldn’t be an actress under 30 who wouldn’t want to play her,” an informant, who asked not to be identified, told The Sun.

“The first job is to get financial backing from co-production companies in the U.S. Some are showing interest because it’s a sure-fire money-spinner. They know anything Amy-related is going to be a huge success.”

Additionally, the Interwebs remain abuzz over whispers of an alleged big screen adaptation of Winehouse’s life that could see Lady Gaga ditching the meat dress and donning a beehive to play the “Valerie” star.

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Recent reports claimed that Amy’s ex-boyfriend, Reg Traviss, had been approached about possibly producing that film.

Not if Mitch has anything to say about it.

Instead of a film, the former cabbie is penning a memoir about life with his famous daughter. It Books, an imprint of HarperCollins, has purchased the rights to the tome, titled Amy, My Daughter.

Look for it on booksellers’ shelves in 2012.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit The Amy Winehouse Foundation, which supports charitable activities that offer support to youth.

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Amy’s posthumous album, Lioness, is currently No. 1 in her native Britain.

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