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Christmas with Sandra Bullock sounds pretty awesome

Sandra Bullock’s Christmas is shaping up to be one for the record books! Louis sure is one lucky little kid.

Sandra Bullock

Ho ho ho, Sandra Bullock‘s Christmas is out of control! The actress is planning a “ridiculous” holiday for son Louis, and isn’t the least bit ashamed to be overindulging him — in fact, it’s part of her master plan.

Speaking of the holidays and gift giving, Sandra Bullock recently joked to Access Hollywood that 2-year-old son Louis “gets nothing. Not a thing.”

She went on in jest saying, “The less you give, the less they’ll expect. And that way, if I give him nothing, he won’t remember and he won’t expect it next year and it’s cheaper.”

Of course that isn’t the truth — in fact, little Louis may just be the luckiest toddler in the world! Along with having been gifted his own Warhol painting, the little guy is about to get what his mother admits is “a little ridiculous” in the excess department come Christmas morning.

Coming forth with the truth, Sandra Bullock shared, “I want the photo ops to be really great because he’s not going to remember it, but he’ll remember it by the photos and when he’s 16 and says, ‘I hate you — you’re a horrible mother,’ I’ll go, ‘Do you see this Christmas? Do you see that I got you that life-size lion? Shut up! Get in your room and do your homework. I was a good mother then.'”

Though she’s got a solid handle on the parenting thing, the 47-year-old isn’t sure if Louis, whom she adopted in January 2010, will have a brother or sister someday to share his teenage angst with. “I don’t know,” she admitted when questioned about adding another child to the family. “I’m so blessed with what I have.”


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