Fear Factor new stunts “bigger and crazier” than before

Fear Factor is returning to television Monday night with all new episodes! What’s changed about the stunts between then and now? Joe Rogan explains.

Joe Rogan

Fear Factor is staging a comeback! The show that shocked viewers with bug eating and terrifying stunts that first aired in 2001 is set to return to NBC Monday night.

Joe Rogan, host of the series that ran for six seasons, is back at the helm and promises even crazier stunts than we saw a decade ago. The 44-year-old recently spoke with AOL TV about what’s changed in the years since he last dangled $50,000 in front of contestants’ noses.

Joe Rogan revealed, “It is bigger and crazier than it ever was before, so if people enjoyed the old show, this one’s gonna be nuts. It’s truly over the top.”

Yet one of the most outlandish stunts they’ve filmed for Fear Factor‘s return may not get to air. Rogan explained, “I got there and they told me what we were gonna do, and I just started laughing like, ‘There’s no way. That’s not really gonna happen. Wait, is that really gonna happen?’ I wish I could tell you. NBC’s still looking at the footage going, ‘Uhhhh, can we do that?’ There’s gonna be a lot of people that are going to be upset — it really is ridiculous.”

He continued, “…it’s just completely foul and offensive. I really wish I could tell you! As far as the physical stunts, they’re much more spectacular. We usually do an A-B-C format, where the A stunt is the initial stunt, the C stunt is the big grand finale, and the B one is, of course, the most disgusting one. But now the A stunts look like the C stunts from the old show. And the C stunts …some of them are just insane.”

Of Joe Rogan’s return as Fear Factor host, executive producer Matt Kunitz commented, “He came back a better host than he ever was. He was so present in the scenes we just shot, so involved. It’s rare. I can’t think of any show where the host is right there when they’re doing a challenge.”

Kunitz continued, “He’s screaming and yelling and cheering for them. If they’re struggling, he’s in their ear and he’s encouraging them.”

Evidence of just that? Joe Rogan talking a contestant named Junior through eating a scorpion in a newly released clip. Watch below!

Will you be tuning in for the return of Fear Factor?

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