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Katy Perry gets SNL hosting advice from her hubby

Katy Perry is hosting Saturday Night Live this week — and she’s getting some tips of the trade from her very own inside source, husband Russell Brand.

Katy Perry

The last time we saw Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live it was all about her boobs. This time, the “Teenage Dream” singer gets to branch out a little more — and her husband Russell Brand is helping manage her transition from musical guest to actual host.

“I’ve only ever hosted, like, dinner parties and birthday parties. This is a bit more than that,” she joked to MTV News. “It’s not as intimidating when you get here because it’s a bit smaller than it looks on TV, and I’m up for a challenge, for something new. I love to be challenged… I married Russell Brand.”

Brand has turned into her very own TV coach, helping her figure out all the twists and turns that the week spent preparing for a live show brings.

“My husband, of course, every day I call him and I’m like ‘this happened’ and he’s like, ‘I know what that means and here’s the next play-by-play for tomorrow,’ so he’s gotten me really prepared for this week, thankfully,” she said.

Perry also prepped by watching Melissa McCarthy’s hilarious performance in October. “Well, I saw the Melissa McCarthy episode and I thought she did a great job,” she said. “She’s so fun to watch and she really brings it, so that’s what I was soaking in this week — Melissa McCarthy and all of her nuances.”

Watch Katy Perry’s Saturday Night Live Facebook promo:

Catch Katy Perry with musical guest Robyn on SNL this week!

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