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Lauren Scruggs walking after horrific propeller accident

Model and former Gossip Girl intern Lauren Scruggs is improving after an airplane accident almost took her life earlier this month.

A former Gossip Girl intern is conscious and walking after a near-fatal accident with an airplane propeller earlier this week.

Gossip Girl intern Lauren Scruggs improving

“Lauren walks!” reads a statement on Lauren Scruggs’ CaringBridge web page.

“This morning… a physical therapist assisted Lauren in walking for the first time. Once she got halfway there, she said, ’30.'”

“Not sure what she meant, [her family] asked her what that means, she replied, ‘Steps!’ What a praise, she was counting every step that she took!”

Very remarkable, indeed, given that the pretty model’s future was fairly grim after the Dec. 3 accident. Scruggs, 23, was exiting the small plane after taking a short trip to look at Christmas lights. It’s believed she turned her head and walked into the propeller, leaving her with serious facial and body injuries and a severed hand.

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“Lauren’s surgery went very well this morning,” according to a statement posted on Tuesday. “She is now resting in ICU with the family. She is able to open her right eye to see while her left eye is still bandaged. Please continue to pray for the vision of her left eye, as we will not know the status of her sight for some time.”

“They’re telling us it’s going to be a long recovery,” her father told Good Morning America. “Obviously she’s had a lot of trauma to her head, and she lost her left hand and her left eye is questionable. We’re praying she’ll regain her sight. What she’d tell you is her relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing in her life. Even though she cannot talk I know she’s relying on Jesus right now.”

“Lauren is a go-getter, her progress has been phenomenal. She is going to fight and she will fight through this. She will make it through,” her mother said.

Parents think about lawsuit

Her parents are happy she’s improving, but they’re furious the accident happened in the first place and want answers.

“Lauren’s family is one of the nicest you’ll ever meet,” a source told of the Dallas-based family. “The last thing they want is revenge. But they feel like someone should be held accountable for the lack of safety and good judgment on the runway. It wasn’t entirely Lauren’s fault and they want justice and answers.”

Lawyers are already contacting the family to take this to court.

“They aren’t looking to make any money off of this,” the source added. “They just want to find out what happened and make sure what happened to Lauren never happens to anyone else’s son or daughter.”

How about they just let her heal before rolling out the litigation?

Photo credit: CW via Wikipedia

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