Kristen Wiig: SNL cast "Melrose Place without the murder"

Dec 7, 2011 at 10:46 a.m. ET

Despite success outside the walls of the SNL soundstage, funny lady Kristen Wiig is not giving up her gig on Saturday Night Live just yet.

She can act, write and sometimes dance with the best of them. Kristen Wiig recently sat down with Paper magazine to talk about everything from her future plans, to her fellow cast mates on Saturday Night Live.

In the December 2011/January 2012 issue of Paper magazine, Kristen Wiig talked about her fellow SNL co-stars with an admiration only she could explain.

The star said of her fellow sketch buddies, "I love the cast." 38-yeard-old Wiig then added, "We're like Melrose Place without the murder."

Only Kristen Wiig, SNL's "Target Lady," would compare her co-workers to the cast of Melrose Place.

She's also thought the world of on set. Wiig's friend and Bridesmaids co-star, Maya Rudolph, said of Wiig, "Kristen came to SNL knowing who she was, which I really envy."

Rudolph added of her own time on SNL, "I was 27 when I got there and not really fully formed, but she was an adult and she immediately just sort of nailed it."

Sticking around her New York digs doesn't mean she'll be forgetting about the other outlets in her life.

She'll be coming together with fellow Bridesmaids cast members Maya Rudolph, Jon Hamm and Chris O'Dowd for Friends With Kids and she'll be playing Darren Criss' love interest in Imogene.

She also told the magazine, "I'm writing something by myself that's not a comedy."

Not a comedy? Tell us more Kristen Wiig: "It's just a smaller indie movie, which is the sort of thing I actually gravitate towards. I just wrote a big chunk on a plane ride."

We know there are big-time Kristen Wiig fans out there. Head over to our comments section and sound off over her future projects.


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