Giuliana Rancic: Mastectomy scars are a badge of courage

Giuliana Rancic has elected to undergo a double mastectomy. The E! News host has no delusions about what permanent impact the procedure will have on her body, and is choosing to look at her future scars as a badge of courage.

Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana Rancic‘s double mastectomy was the topic of Tuesday’s episode of The Wendy Williams Show. The E! News host, who is scheduled for surgery next week, opened up about her outlook on her body for the future.

Giuliana Rancic, who has elected to have a double mastectomy followed by immediate reconstructive surgery, shared on the show, “Listen, I love my girls, but I’m gonna feel more like a woman when this is all done.”

The 37-year-old added that she feels “scars are beautiful. I think scars tell a story.” Giuliana was joined on set by husband and Giuliana and Bill co-star Bill Rancic, who, it seems, has been trying to find a little humor in a stressful situation.

Giuliana Rancic speculated of her breasts after reconstruction: “They might come out looking even hotter. You gotta have fun with this. We find the humor in everything. Bill helped pick ’em out. I’m like, ‘Bill, that big? Really?'”

Of the choice to undergo a double mastectomy the television personality shared during her Today show announcement, “It’s important to me to get the cancer out… ‘Mastectomy’ the word seemed so scary to me at first. After doing research and seeing the advancements, the surgery has come a long way from 20 years ago. The results can be incredible. Not only can it save your life, but you can come out feeling healthier and with a positive self-image.”

Bill Rancic added a hopeful note during the pair’s appearance, saying, “Our goal is to be done with this by Christmastime and not look back.”

Giuliana is pictured here working the red carpet at the premiere of In the Land of Blood and Honey on Monday, Dec. 5. The event reportedly is the last scheduled day of work for the E! News host before her double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery.

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