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Glee recap: The glee clubs feel the sectionals heat!

The Troubletones and the New Directions went voice to voice in a sectionals showdown for the ages. Keep reading to see who took the trophy.

The return of Sam Evans and sectionals provided a lot of stellar moments on Glee, but the continual pouting of Quinn took away from what could have been a perfect episode.

Before we tell you who took sectionals, here’s how the teams got there.

Rachel and Finn tracked Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet) down at a strip club where he was making money as a stripper named White Chocolate.

After slipping him a dollar, Rachel and Finn convinced him and his family it was in Sam’s best interest for him to return and compete in sectionals.

After a good 30 minutes of watching Sam go gaga over Mercedes and Quinn act like a spoiled brat, it was finally time to get down to business.

The Troubletones took the stage with a sassy girl power mash-up of “I Will Survive/Survivor” that seemed to leave the New Directions less than impressed.

We, however, wanted to put on some dancing shoes and rock out to the anthem!

The New Directions, dressed in fun tuxedo outfits, took on a rendition of the Jackson 5’s “ABC” that slid into Janet Jackson’s “Control” and right into Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror.”

It was seriously sick — in a good way!

Both groups went hard, but in the end The Troubletones fell to the New Directions.

The episode also ended with Quinn ditching her attitude and looking toward to a real future by making amends and passing on some advice to the girls of The Troubletones.

She, with Rachel’s help, convinced Mr. Schue to give the girls a bit more face time in hopes of getting Mercedes and the girls to come back to the New Directions.

Sweet! We have everyone back on the team!

What did you think of the sectionals episode of Glee? Did it live up to the hype?

Head over to our comments section and sound off.

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