Christie Brinkley is sorry for tax mixup

Christie Brinkley says her tax woes are nothing more than an accounting error — and she is fixing it ASAP.

Christie Brinkley

The drama in the life of ageless supermodel Christie Brinkley is seemingly never-ending. After her tumultuous divorce from shady ex Peter Cook, the mom was hoping to enjoy some calmness — and then the tax man came knocking.

The IRS says Brinkley owes back taxes of over $500,000 and have placed a lien on her New York mansion in the Hamptons. Now the cover girl says the whole thing is just a major accounting error that she intends to rectify right away.

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“I regret not paying more attention to my accounting,” Brinkley told TMZ.

“I was surprised to learn of the tax lien filing and took immediate steps to rectify this matter. I discovered the tax lien was the result of an error.”

Brinkley added, “My taxes will be paid in full by Wednesday, Dec. 7 and I expect the tax lien to be released immediately thereafter.”

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“I regret not paying more attention to my accounting, but I have been and remain focused on my whole family as both my parents navigate serious health issues.”

In other words, her accountant is probably looking for a new job today.

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Brinkley can take a little comfort in the fact that she joins the ranks of other celebrities who have had tax problems, like Wesley Snipes, Nicolas Cage, Val Kilmer, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne and Marc Anthony.

Brinkley has appeared on over 500 magazine covers, has been married four times — including to iconic Piano Man Billy Joel — and has four children.

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