Gossip Girl: Blair and Chuck's reunion crashes!

Dec 6, 2011 at 11:36 a.m. ET

Chuck Bass proved he could love another man's baby -- if it meant he could be with the love of his life, Blair, on Gossip Girl. Their reunion didn't end so well, however. Read on for the details.

Chair fans (Chuck + Blair) got to revel in the couple finding their way back to each other Monday night, but this is Gossip Girl and whenever anyone ends up in a car after a reunion, it never ends well.

Before we tell you how Chuck and Blair got back together, let's get you up to speed. Blair is engaged to Louis and having his baby despite knowing that she and Chuck actually belong together. Then there's Dan and his secret feelings for Blair.

Nope, no love triangle here. The more the merrier. Okay, here's the dish on the midseason finale…

On this week's new episode of Gossip Girl, we thought Dan was going spill his feelings to Blair in an epically romantic way, but it turns out he put his own love aside so Blair could find true happiness.

Dan realized Blair's future was with Chuck (Ed Westwick), so he did the right thing by Blair and arranged for her to meet with Chuck at Charlie's party.

Obviously, they needed to talk about the whole baby situation and whether or not Chuck could love another man's child.

Of course, Chuck originally wanted Blair to stay with the father of her unborn child, but things change fast on the Upper East Side and he realized he could love her baby just as much he loves Blair.

We have to take a moment and give props to Penn Badgley for his heartbreaking performance. He does an amazing job playing off of Leighton Meester (Blair) and his character's take on the midseason finale was brilliant.

Okay, back to Chuck and Blair. Just as the two were finally getting somewhere and decided to tell Louis the wedding was off, a blast was sent out by Gossip Girl that the two were at the party together.

The couple made their way to a waiting car that was swarmed by paparazzi and it eventually crashed.

At the hospital, Blair wakes up, but the fate of her baby is not revealed. Chuck's not looking so hot either.

This man has survived worse, but still, leaving the midseason finale with a hospital ridden, comatose Chuck and no clue on whether or not Blair's baby is okay, is such a tease.

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