Grody! Dr. Phil helped give himself a vasectomy

Dec 5, 2011 at 10:50 p.m. ET

Dr. Phil has revealed his biggest regret in life: Not just getting a vasectomy, but assisting in his own surgery!

Dr Phil and wife RobinMost men cringe at the thought of having a vasectomy, but TV guru Dr. Phil actually assisted in his own. The star says it is the biggest regret of his life -- but not one he couldn't undo.

Dr. Phil told the story in Newsweek. "When Robin and I were first married, four years in, she gets pregnant with Jay. I wasn't really ready to have kids yet," he wrote in a column for the mag.

"I was doing work in another city with a good friend of mine," he explained. "He said, 'The office closes at five -- why don't you come in and we'll do your vasectomy? He didn't have a nurse there, so I actually assisted him by handing him the instruments. (It's painful when they kind of pull on it.) He put me in the car with an ice pack, and I drove myself to the airport and flew home. That vasectomy was the biggest mistake I ever made. I was 29."

After overhearing his wife tell a friend at a party that her own biggest regret in life was only having one child, the doc started to rethink his rash decision.

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"The next day, I'm in the hospital lamenting it to my buddies. They're like, 'We can reverse that, you know?' I say, 'OK, when can you do it?' They say, 'Take your shirt off,' and they start plugging me into IVs."

"I remember being in recovery and the doctors saying, 'Wake up! We have to get you out of here.' They drag me out with one arm over each shoulder and drive me home. They dump me on the curb later that night."

Needless to say, his wife was thrilled with the news -- and anxious to get started expanding their family. "Six weeks later, she's pregnant with Jordan," Dr. Phil wrote. "He is one of the two greatest joys in our life."

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"God, if I had missed that -- how dumb. I just shudder at how stupid I was. I learned you don't make life decisions on the spur of the moment, and you don't make them alone. I got a do-over on the biggest mistake of my life, and I am delighted that I did."

Jordan joined big brother Jay, seven years older. Jay and his wife recently welcomed their own baby, Dr. Phil's first grandchild.

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