Brad Pitt comforts suicidal actor

He’s more than just a pretty face: Actor Brad Pitt is being hailed a hero after offering emotional support to a suicidal man at a press conference in Sydney on Sunday.

Brad to the rescue!

Easy-on-the-eyes actor Brad Pitt has revealed that he’s also an awesomely decent guy after comforting a suicidal man at a press conference in Australia on Sunday.

The humanitarian was meeting Sydney fans for a Q&A session, following a special screening of his new film Moneyball, when a distraught, struggling actor announced to the crowd that he was battling suicidal tendencies.

The man said he’d been suffering with depressive thoughts the night before the screening event, but credited Moneyball (an inspiring flick about the Oakland Athletics baseball team and its general manager) with giving him a “renewed sense of hope.”

One observer told Us Weekly that Brad got “choked up” by the man’s admission, but took it all in stride by offering a pep talk.

“He said: ‘Look man, life is up and down, it’s a vicious cycle, but you have to go through it and deal with that. You can be down, but you have to go through it and deal with that. You can be down, but then you can come back up again and every failure can lead to success.'”

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Pitt later added, “It certainly is about perspective and a bigger view and about the long run. I think that’s something we often forget with art, is that there’s the long run. Things are cyclical. When you’re up, you’re up and when you’re down, you’re down. But it’s moving — always moving. I think that’s an important thing to remember. And it’s a big part of this film.”

The attendees of the screening were moved by Brad’s response. One called it a “touching moment,” with the famous father-of-six even stopping to speak privately with the man as he exited the event.

“Brad handled the situation really well in front of several hundred people — it was a difficult moment that shocked everyone… It was a touching moment. As he left the theater, he even stopped to talk with the guy to offer him some more words of encouragement because he was obviously fragile.”

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