Kate Major is missing

Kate Major is missing. The former tabloid reporter, who made her own headlines when she began dating reality star Jon Gosselin in 2009, is generating buzz again after vanishing over the weekend. Major, romantically-linked to Michael Lohan in recent years, was being treated for alcoholism in a Florida rehab facility when she disappeared on Saturday.

Anyone seen Kate Major?

The former Star magazine reporter, previously romantically-linked to reality star Jon Gosselin and later Michael Lohan, has gone MIA after wandering away from a Florida hospital over the weekend.

According to her publicist, Major suffered a seizure on Saturday and vanished after being transferred from a Boca Raton rehab facility to a nearby hospital for treatment.

“Kate Major had a seizure in the Boca Raton Wellness Center yesterday and was rushed to the hospital. She was being treated in the hospital and somehow walked out of the hospital with no one noticing. We don’t know if she’s okay or if she has had another seizure. But she is missing and has only the clothes on her back, no money, no credit cards, no phone. We are very worried about her,” the rep said in a statement issued Sunday.

Major, who filed a restraining order against Lohan in October, voluntarily checked herself into rehab for alcohol abuse last month. According to those close to the ex-tabloid reporter, Kate decided to seek treatment following an alleged drunken fight on a plane a few weeks prior.

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Kate, Lohan’s sometimes fiancée, is the third woman in the last two years to accuse the Long Island native of being an abusive partner.

In October, Major told officers Michael grabbed her by the arm and threatened to throw her off the fourth-story balcony if she refused to perform oral sex on him, according to an affidavit from the arrest.

Lohan was also accused of throwing a remote control at Major and smashing her cell phone in a fit of rage. Kate suffered minor bruising in the Oct. 24 incident, investigators said.

In 2009, he was arrested in New York for striking and stalking his former fiancée, Erin Muller. He later leaked nude images of the woman onto the Internet.

In March 2011, the self-professed sober alcoholic and born-again Christian found himself in trouble with the law once again; this time he was accused of holding Major against her will.

Lohan — who underwent heart surgery last month — is currently on probation as part of a plea deal over the latest Major assault. He’s attending a four-month domestic violence treatment program as part of his sentence.

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