Chord Overstreet returns to Glee with “Red Solo Cup

Gleeks, get ready to sing. Chord Overstreet returns to Glee this week and we’ve got our hands on a video we know you’ll want to see!

The wait is finally over. Glee’s favorite “Trouty Mouth,” Sam Evans (Chord Overstreet), is back with his guitar and an ode to “Red Solo Cup” we never thought we’d see or hear.

Chord Overstreet’s vibe always brought an interesting mix of country and pop to Glee, which makes his rendition of Toby Keith’s, “Red Solo Cup,” the perfect song for his comeback.

We’re not going to tease you any longer. Check out Chord Overstreet and the rest of the Glee gang raising a “Red Solo Cup” to his return.

Chord Overstreet’s return will be part of the New Directions’ quest to beat Shelby’s group, The Troubletones, at sectionals

You’ll have to check back Tuesday morning for our full preview of the episode which airs Tuesday, Dec. 6, but for now, we can say Sam has been keeping himself busy in a very scandalous way.

Chord Overstreet recently revealed to Entertainment Weekly, “Finn and Rachel are looking for somebody to help them with sectionals.”

He added, “So they bring [Sam] back to school. He tries to kind of pick everything back up where he left off and he realizes that everything has changed a little bit since he’s gone. He has to kind of readapt a little bit.”

Will Sam eventually fall back into the New Directions like he never left? Is his family back to stay? Hopefully we’ll get the answers to our questions this week.

Head over to our comments section and sound off — what do you think of the return of Chord Overstreet? Are you ready for more Sam “Trouty Mouth” Evans?

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