Beyonce’s pregnancy cravings: No hot sauce and bananas

Beyonce says despite reports she is not having any weird cravings — but she is loving her pregnancy nonetheless.

BeyoncePlease hold the pickles and hot sauce — contrary to popular belief Beyonce isn’t craving any weird food combos. The multitalented performer sat down with Katie Couric to discuss her pregnancy and this exciting new phase in her life.

“I was on a plane and the flight attendant came and was like, ‘I have your hot sauce and pickles and bananas.’ And I’m like, That is absolutely disgusting, what are you doing? He’s like, ‘I read it on the internet,” Beyonce said in the 20/20 interview.

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The star says she is not pigging out or anything, but she certainly isn’t holding back, either. When asked if she will hop right back on the fitness horse after her baby is born, Beyonce said, “I’m not looking forward to that, because I’ve been having a good time!”

Her best public moment so far, she reveals, has been when she finally shared her baby news with the world at the 2011 MTV VMAs.

“Honestly, I just felt free. I really did, because I’d been holding the most exciting thing in for so long, and I just felt like, Wow, now I can enjoy and now I can just experience this the way that every woman should. So I felt so liberated, and I felt like, Oh, I can breathe and be happy. And, you know, it was a beautiful feeling… I went straight off the stage and just cried. I hugged my mom, I hugged Jay and just cried. It was a beautiful day.”

Beyonce is thought to be due in December, but she is remaining mum on the exact timing.

“The truth is, it’s safety,” she explained. “I just want to make sure I can have a peaceful day. And I want to make sure my child is protected.”

Watch Beyonce’s 20/20 interview:

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