Mindy McCready wants twins “out of the spotlight

Mindy McCready is pregnant and on the run — but the singer says she wants to have her twins out of the spotlight and hopes the dust settles on her custody case.

Mindy McCready

Where is Mindy McCready? After taking her son from the home of her mother, who has custody of the boy, and fleeing the state, the country star has ignored a judge’s order to return him by last night — and now she says she’s pregnant with twins. Could this story get any stranger?

Yes, because McCready says she wants to give birth to those twins away from the public eye. Odd words coming from a woman who just caused a public uproar with her actions towards the child she already has.

A rep for the troubled country singer told People, “She and the father have been enjoying the pregnancy out of the spotlight.”

“Although they are excited about the baby news, they would like to [keep it] private at this time as much as they can,” the rep said, adding that McCready is six months along.

The singer, who has long battled with substance abuse, suicide attempts and trouble with the law, claims she took her son because he was being abused by her mother — a charge the woman adamantly denies.

“Absolutely not true,” Gayle Inge told the AP.

Police have determined that the young boy is in good condition, but are working to do whatever it takes to get him back to his grandmother.

“As quickly as folks can find the child, we’ll just as quickly return the child,” Aimee McLaughlin, a spokeswoman for the Children’s Network of Southwest Florida, told News-Press.com. “Then, we will make arrangements to bring the child home in the least traumatic and least stressful way.”

Meanwhile, lay off with the questions about her new babies.

“Until all of the other dust settles, it’s not appropriate to focus on the twins,” the rep said.

McCready has not revealed who her new baby daddy might be.

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