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Conrad Murray has no remorse over documentary

Conrad Murray isn’t worried about a little bit of prison. After all, he doesn’t think he did anything wrong in Michael Jackson’s death.

Conrad Murray doesn't think he did anything wrongThere’s still one person who thinks Conrad Murray did nothing wrong in Michael Jackson’s June 2009 death: Conrad Murray. The disgraced doctor allegedly doesn’t regret doing the MSNBC documentary that blamed Jackson for his own death.

In fact, Murray figured he’d get the maximum sentence, so Judge Michael Pastor’s verbal beating in the courtroom Tuesday morning didn’t have an impact on him at all, according to TMZ.

“I’m just relieved it’s finally over,” a source quoted Murray as saying. “Don’t worry, I’m fine, and I’ll be out soon.”

“I think in many ways, there were some mirror images in our lives,” Murray said in the documentary that aired after his conviction. “I’ve seen him cry so many times. He lived a life greater than a hundred years of pain of any human.”

He also said he felt used by the King of Pop.

“I only wish that maybe in our dealings with each other, he was more forthcoming and honest to tell me things about himself,” Murray said. “Certainly, he was deceptive by not sharing with me his whole medical history, doctors he was seeing, treatment that he might have been receiving.”

That’s a legitimate concern — doctors need to know the medical histories of their patients before treating them. However, ethical doctors will not prescribe medication just because a patient — and known addict — wants it. These doctors also wouldn’t dream of injecting a patient with a dose of a strong anesthetic, either.

Murray did both.

“He asked me, ‘Please, please, Dr. Conrad… I need some milk so that I can sleep. If I don’t get any sleep today, I cannot perform, I cannot do anything,'” the doc said. “He was pleading and begging me to please, please let him have some ‘milk,’ because that was the only thing that would work.”

Somehow we don’t think even prison will make Murray realize his wrongdoings.

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Who do you blame in Michael Jackson’s death: the singer or Conrad Murray?

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