Ashton Kutcher Twitter pic: Why buy the cow?

Ashton Kutcher comes out of hiding to tweet a countrified photo. Was he making a comment on his failed marriage or simply letting followers know he was getting away from it all and mooooving on like Demi Moore is?

Ashton Kutcher, home on the range?

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have kept low profiles since Moore announced she was filing for divorce a few weeks ago. Moore came out of hiding for a dinner date this weekend and now, after publicly handing off his Twitter account to managers, Kutcher is making news with a new twipic of himself and a cow.

“Country Giving,” Kutcher tweeted, along with the image on right, leaving everyone to wonder what the message actually means and where he might be.

In the wake of Thanksgiving, there’s a good chance the tweet is a play on words, but that doesn’t mean we get it. Perhaps, instead of giving thanks, he’s giving us a bit of country? Or is it a message to let folks know he’s out there, hanging with the cows and getting back to nature, as the couple did when they were still trying to save their marriage?

SheKnows hopes it’s not a reference to the saying “Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free.” It was, however, the first thing that popped to mind for many, considering the Kutcher/Moore marriage went down in a hail of rumors that Mr. Moore was getting it for free from women like Sara Leal.

Kutcher and Moore seemed to fight to save their marriage with trips to a Los Angeles Kabbalah Center and then a campground in California’s Cachuma Lake, to no avail. After Moore threw in the towel, filing for divorce, Chelsea Handler outed the couple for reportedly having an open marriage.

Stay tuned for more on this story, as this is not likely the last we’ve heard from The Two and a Half Men star, who is clearly still tweeting on his own. And in the meantime, weigh in and leave a comment: What do you think this Kutcher post means?

Image courtesy of Twitter


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