Tori Spelling: “I just had my nipples insured

Tori Spelling was “shocked” and “devastated” to find out her bare breasts had been exposed to the Internet at large, but says the timing could have been worse.

Tori Spelling, Dean McDermott

Just two weeks after Tori Spelling‘s bare breasts were unintentionally exposed to the world, the reality star and her husband Dean McDermott are talking about the mishap — and their plans for a fourth baby together.

“It was a complete accident obviously,” Dean McDermott told CNN of the scandalous photo that unintentionally captured wife Tori’s exposed breasts. “I took a picture [of our son Liam] and I sent it and I did not see [that] in the background…”

Her reaction? Tori Spelling shared she was both “shocked” and “devastated” over the incident. “But it’s like, what am I going to do? I am a mom, I was nursing my baby,” she went on to say. “[Dean] was so devastated about it that I couldn’t be mad. I mean it was genuinely an accident.”

Tori Spelling, pictured here in July while pregnant with daughter Hattie, chose to look on the bright side, saying, “If you are ever going to have someone tweet a picture of your boobs, I would rather it happen now than any other time because when you are nursing, your boobs look better than ever, bold [and] beautiful.”

Keeping a sense of humor about the incident she joked, “I just had my nipples insured, so yeah, it’s good.”

Breastfeeding daughter Hattie may not be the last time Tori Spelling runs the risk of Dean accidentally exposing her breasts to the world. “I think we’ll have a fourth,” he revealed to Access Hollywood on Tuesday. From the moment the pair learned of Tori’s most recent pregnancy, going for a big family was in the plans. “As soon as I saw it was positive and it was a pregnancy, we both thought we need to have a fourth – at the same time,” Dean said.

“People say, ‘Oh my God, it’s utter chaos after two.’ But it’s not, it’s great,” Tori Spelling said, to which Dean chimed in, “You lost your mind after the second one, so… the third, fourth and fifth, it’s like you’re so far gone, it’s just kind of the same.”

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