Courtney Stodden rolls out of bed at noon looking sexy

Nov 30, 2011 at 8:15 a.m. ET

Courtney Stodden says she lives the life of a princess -- but she gives her much-older husband as good as she gets. Here what she told MTV about her Fab Life.

Doug Hutchison Courtney Stodden

Barely legal Courtney Stodden and her much-older husband Doug Hutchison are continuing on their mission to totally gross out the world. Next stop: Basic cable.

Stodden sat down with MTV to talk about her unconventional marriage for an episode of The Fab Life in what is sure to be a step towards the couple's own reality show.

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So what's the big draw to 51-year-old Hutchison? He acts like her daddy.

"Doug is wonderful," she said. "He picks up my coffee beans that I spill on the floor. He picks up my foundation. He picks up my feathers from my big robe that I wear. My high heels are all over."

"So I have a wonderful life, a wonderful husband. So, a typical day for me, is like, a princess."

But Stodden couldn't let us go without getting in at least one gross-out comment. The teenager explained that for everything her father -- er, husband -- does for her, they basically take it out in trade.

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"I get up out of bed in the sexiest outfit you've ever seen. My hair is done, my makeup's done," she said.

"I get up around 12 p.m. I make my mocha. I don't care about anything else. A typical day for me is crazy."

She also introduced her husband to such cutting-edge music as Maroon 5 and Train.

"There's fine lines in between what we share and what we teach each other," she explained. "I've turned him on to Maroon 5, Train and all the new awesome bands."

"It's so cute: Doug calls Maroon 5 'Monsoon 5.' He's like, 'YEAH! Monsoon 5!' It's so embarrassing, but it's darling, too."

Watch Courtney Stodden's interview on The Fab Life:

Image courtesy Courtney Stodden/Facebook