The Office goes public: Dunder Mifflin paper coming to stores

Ready to doodle on Dunder Mifflin paper? The fictional company from The Office plans on selling copy paper — and we are sure Dwight Schrute approves.

Dunder Mifflin is a household name to many fans of The Office, and NBC plans on banking on that by selling copy paper by the popular name. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that, under a licensing agreement with NBC Universal, you will soon be able to purchase Dunder Mifflin copy paper on, which is owned by Staples.

Dunder Mifflin paper from The OfficeNo word on how much money was exchanged for this “reverse product placement deal,” however NBC Universal would get six percent of the revenue from the sales of the Dunder Mifflin paper.

The Dunder Mifflin copy paper packages will be marketed with familiar slogans, including “Get Your Scrant on” and “Our motto is, Quality First.”

The copy paper is currently on sale for $35 per carton of 5,000 sheets and we think this might make a fun (and practical!) gift for fans of The Office.

Why did Quill want to partner up with The Office, who just replaced Steve Carell with James Spader this season, to sell copy paper? Thanks to more people and businesses going electronic and needing less paper, sales have declined three percent per year in recent years. Quill’s chief marketing officer Sergio Pereira says this marketing strategy is a way to fight against the “race to the bottom in the paper business.”

“At first blush, you may think this was obvious; licensing paper, to a paper company, but really it was quite ingenious,” said Kim Niemi, senior vice president of NBC Universal Television Consumer Products Group. “Now, the fans of The Office can finally get the authentic paper that Dunder Mifflin sells every day.”

Tell us: Would you buy Dunder Mifflin copy paper?



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