Tilda Swinton's motherhood worries take her to "dark stuff"

Nov 29, 2011 at 7:05 p.m. ET

Tilda Swinton says her imagination creates all sorts of disasters for her kids. Are any as bad as depicted in her new movie We Need to Talk About Kevin?

Tilda SwintonTilda Swinton has two children and like most moms out there has no shortage of imagined disasters that could befall them. The star of We Need to Talk About Kevin tells the New York Post that her imagination goes into overdrive trying to figure out any possible disaster and how to divert it.

"I work at motherhood," Swinton said of her 14-year-old twins. "Although I travel a lot, I'm never away shooting more than a couple of weeks. Very aware I'm responsible for their safety, my imagination works overtime trying to foresee any eventuality. I fire up. The problems expand in my head and take me to dark stuff. My imagination takes on all disasters."

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In Swinton's new flick We Need to Talk About Kevin, the actress plays a woman whose son is responsible for a gruesome school shooting -- one of those nightmare scenarios no parent ever wants to face.

"The movie's a phantasmagoria about a woman's mind," Swinton said. "Not a social commentary. The prize-winning book had big impact in London. A worst-case scenario nightmare of raising a child with mother and son at dagger's points. Having a baby half-heartedly, hoping glue kicks in and has its stamp."

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"The baby she's caring for at arm's length never stops screaming. A self-help baby's book says, 'Smile.' So her face develops a terrifying smile. But if I were a baby and you didn't hold me close, I'd scream, too. Another chilling moment is she tells the boy, when he's eight, a second child's coming. Knowing her feelings he says, 'Because you're used to it doesn't mean you'll like it.'"

"Mothers in the audience align. They recognize the danger. You can see the desperation."

Sounds utterly chilling.

Catch Tilda Swinton in We Need to Talk About Kevin when it hits theaters nationwide Jan. 27, 2012.

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