Rihanna's slippery situation soaks London hotel suite

Nov 29, 2011 at 8:27 a.m. ET

Cue the umbrellas! A slippery situation for "stressed-out" pop star Rihanna left a $3,000 a night suite at London's ritzy Savoy Hotel under water. The singer hit the town for a night of clubbing and forgot she left a bath running! Is hard-partying frying RiRi's brain?

D'oh! Pop vixen Rihanna got herself into a very, erm, slippery situation in a swanky London hotel suite earlier this month: She forgot to turn off the faucet attached to the bathtub and ended up flooding the entire room, People magazine tattles say.

RiRi had been a guest at the $3,000 a night Savoy Hotel -- while filming a performance for The X-Factor -- when she headed out for a night out in the English capital and forgot that she left a bath running. The star returned to find her room full of sopping wet carpeting, a source told the mag.

"The room where Rihanna was with her entourage flooded when the bath taps were left on. They all left the room and when they came back, the carpets were wet through. There was no lasting damage but it took a while to dry out. All of the party were hugely apologetic."

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The sometimes raunchy pop diva escaped without a thorough telling-off . Can you believe that? We hear the Savoy's staff got a kick out of the ordeal, even joking that guests in the room below would need umbrellas, like RiRi's Grammy-winning 2007 song, "Umbrella."

The flooding's no laughing matter for those close to the star, though. Some members of Rihanna's camp believe "exhaustion and stress" brought on by her current world tour is to blame for the lapse in memory. Apparently, Rihanna's hard-partying ways have made it hard for her to perform night after night; she was close to canceling a show in Dublin after a big night out.

Any of this sound familiar? In June 2010, the sultry " Take a Bow" songstress was reportedly kicked out of a hotel in her native Barbados after she and a group of friends allegedly trashed a room during their stay. Sources say hotel staff had to continuously knock on the door of the room because the group set off the smoke alarm a number of times with their lengthy pot-smoking sessions.

In news that should surprise absolutely no one, Rihanna and her posse were reportedly banned from the unidentified hotel.

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