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7 Questions with Lady A’s Hillary Scott

Lady Antebellum has been busy touring America and making award-winning stops at the CMAs and AMAs. The band’s front woman, Hillary Scott, took a timeout to answer some questions about what inspired “Just a Kiss” and how her own love story has been playing out since becoming engaged.

The lyrics that kick-started stardom

Lady A’s front woman, Hillary Scott, tells SheKnows how her wedding plans are shaping up while staying busy on tour.

After beating out The Band Perry and Zac Brown Band for an AMA, not to mention taking home the CMA for Vocal Group of the Year, Lady Antebellum is on their A-game. Their country love anthems “I Need You Now” and “Just a Kiss,” among other hits, have put them on the map — But what’s behind the lyrics?

SK: What songs from Own the Night are inspired by your relationship or other band members’?

HS: “Just A Kiss” is a song all three of us have lived through. It’s ultimately about once you find “the one”, taking it slow and letting the relationship flourish without rushing it.

Hillary and Chris on the road

Celebrity relationships can be rocky but Hillary and Chris are smooth sailing. Even with the band’s busy schedule, they have managed make time for just the two of them.

SK: What’s it like maintaining an engagement on the road, any tips for long-distance relationships?

HS: Relationships are hard, especially when you travel or [are] apart a lot. Thankfully Chris is a musician and is now part of our band, so we have had fun planning our wedding together while out on tour.

SK: How did Chris propose?

HS: Our families were together over the 4th of July holiday earlier this year and we had gone out for a hike together. He had been keeping a journal of notes and letters to me and after he proposed, he shared them with me and I lost it. He really set the bar high for other couples!

SK: Will you get to spend time with your soon-to-be hubby for a New Year’s kiss?

HS: Yes… we are taking a break from touring over the holidays so we’ll spend time with each of our families together between Christmas and New Year’s and spending some special time just the two of us.

Next stop: The wedding

Chris Tyrell and Hillary Scott are making memorable music and wedding plans.

Chris and Hillary know who to keep close. The other band members may be their family on tour, but the couple is looking forward to sharing their wedding day with the family members they don’t get to see everyday. Hillary is especially close with her lil sis, who she keeps close at all times via the tattoo on her wrist.

SK: What are some wedding planning tips/tricks you’re using?

HS: We both like traditional weddings, so we will have a lot of really personal elements to it.

SK: Can you share any fun/exciting details about your upcoming nuptials?

HS: We’re going to have our closest family and friends with us. Since we travel so much we don’t get to see them all enough, and this will be a day to all celebrate together.

SK: What does the significance of number 14 (tattooed on your wrist) mean?

HS: My little sister was born when I was 14 years old. We have a very close relationship, and that tattoo reminds me of her.

Photo credit: People/Hillary Scott

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