Are Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds moving in?

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are putting their relationship into overdrive by checking out a pricy apartment together in New York City!

Oh, goodness: The relationship between mega-hotties Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively is hitting a sprinter’s pace. The latest rumor? They’re moving in together!

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds moving in together?

Reynolds and Lively were spotted checking out a swanky $4.5 million apartment in Manhattan over the weekend, according to the New York Post’s Page Six. The apartment is said to be located in the area between the Flatiron Building and the Empire State Building.

However, they weren’t making a big spectacle of their real estate jaunt.

“When they’d finished looking, Blake left the building first. She was wearing knee-high boots with jeans, a coat and a fedora hat,” a spy told the gossip page.

Reynolds exited the building a bit later and hopped into a waiting Lincoln Town Car.

“Blake’s little dog was waiting with the driver in the car for them while they looked inside the building.”

The pooch has a special significance to the duo: She wrapped up the furball with balloons to help Reynolds celebrate his 35th birthday earlier this month.

The two are definitely together, but neither are talking about their relationship. Instead, the athletic god that is Reynolds insists that he’s not a ladies man.

“Right now, I seem to be on a speed-dating mission — at least according to those stories that are going around at the moment,” he said.

“Even my mom is confused. No man is potent enough to be able to go through as many women as that in such a short amount of time like I allegedly have!”

We’re sure Blake is happy about that.

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