Regis Philbin wants to be the next Simon Cowell

Regis Philbin isn’t done with television — not by a long shot. Find out what type of show he won’t do.

Regis Philbin wants to make one thing clear: He’s not retiring from show business. The mainstay on television’s Live! With Regis and Kelly took his final bow on the show last week, but he plans on doing more in entertainment.Regis Philbin is mulling over variety show

“Everybody says to me, ‘Oh, you’re retiring,'” Philbin said. “I’m NOT retiring! I’m MOVING ON!”

Philbin hasn’t publicly announced his new projects, but he’s hinted that he’ll pull a Simon Cowell and judge a talent show, much like the Brit does on The X-Factor. It wouldn’t be unfamiliar territory for him — he judged America’s Got Talent during the show’s first season in 2006.

“We’re contemplating a show that is sort of a talent show, but it involves the whole family,” Philbin told the New York Post’s Page Six. “A family competition, which is something new in our business. It’s going to be on primetime when it happens.”

“[An] entertainment type of show would appeal to me,” he added. “Almost a variety show. In our business you don’t want to say variety because it’s frowned upon now, but something with people who are performing.”

We could totally see him on a show that features the talents of young children and teens.

He does know what he won’t do: Compete on Dancing With the Stars. Philbin revealed recently that the ABC show has asked him to don spandex and sequins several times, but he’s always turned it down.

“They do train all day, all week, before the show goes on — it’s too much for Regis,” he joked in March.

Another live show that wouldn’t be too much for the legendary entertainer: Saturday Night Live. Philbin said he’d love to host the show, but they’ve never asked.

“It’s come up in my mind, but not theirs,” he told the New York Times. “I think the audience for that show would rather have some young guy playing a vampire somewhere.”

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