The Walking Dead midseason finale closes with a bang!

We’re at the midseason finale point in The Walking Dead and after a season of watching get Carl shot and Lori finding out she’s pregnant, did the midseason finale live up to TWD fans’ expectations?

The Walking Dead has been an interesting mix of mind-blowing scenes (Shane leaving Otis for zombie food after he shot him) and drawn out, lackluster story plots (Lori’s new pregnancy) this season, but fans are still entranced because when the show goes big, it goes big.

The Walking Dead delivered a fantastic midseason finale Sunday that tied up the case of the missing child Sophia (who got lost from the group in the opening of the season). Spoiler alert: Keep reading to find out what happened to Sophia.

It feels like we’ve been waiting for Rick and Shane to find Sophia forever and watching the child stumble out of Herschel’s zombie-infested barn on the midseason finale was the moment TWD owed its fans — jaw-dropping, yet so obvious (she hid in plain sight).

To Herschel’s way of thinking, zombies are simply sick people that can be cured — hence the barn guests that everyone found out about because Glenn squealed after Maggie asked him not to. Glenn would never keep this secret.

Basically, the end came down to the revelation that Sophia had been in the barn with the rest of the zombies this whole time — and she was now a walker!

The little girl couldn’t be saved and no, she wasn’t taking cover in the barn because she was scared of the zombie-filled world she had been living in.

This caused a major dilemma for our hero Rick.

Should he take Shane’s side, who believes that little Sophia has to be taken out just like the rest of the walkers or Herschel’s who believes zombie’s can be saved?

It was Rick’s choice in the end to raise his gun and shoot her dead — well, is dead accurate considering she was already a zombie?

So, there you have it, the case of the missing Sophia is closed. Just like Carl was shot at the beginning of the season, Sophia was shot at the end — full circle.

We want to hear from you. What are you thoughts on season two of The Walking Dead? Are you loving the whole season or are you finding areas where the ball is being dropped?

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